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Mauro Gonzalez, REALTOR®
Mauro Gonzalez is a lifelong resident of San Diego, California and is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the local market trends and neighborhoods. With 14 years of extensive experience as both a Buyer’s Agent and Listing Agent, he has worked with a plethora of properties and specializes in single family residence and condominium real estate.

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When it comes to realestate, Mauro is an expert.

Katherine Kennedy
Jun 07 ,2018 Google My Business

Petrina Palluzzi
Jun 07 ,2018 Google My Business

I had a property to sell & a friend referred me to Mauro Gonzalez. He came to my house & did an inspection and told me what needed to be done to get me the most for the sale of my property. I follow his recommendations amore...

Christopher Brosnan
May 01 ,2018 Google My Business

Lupita RG
Jan 23 ,2015 Facebook

Pablo Gonzalez
Jan 22 ,2015 Facebook